“A Day in the Life” with Multidisciplinary Artist Adja Diagne

Adja Diagne, the incredible Senegalese content creator, has had a remarkable journey. She was born in Japan and has lived in Belgium, Egypt, and Germany during her growing-up years. She now lives in Montreal and holds a degree in Political Science and Women’s Studies from Concordia, demonstrating her academic excellence and skills.

Adja is a multidisciplinary individual, engaging in modelling, photography, content creation, acting, and showcasing her cooking expertise (she should be a chef at this point). Her dedication is evident as she seamlessly manages diverse responsibilities. Beyond her professional career, Adja exhibits intelligence, efficiency, and embodies the qualities of an admirable friend. Amazingly, she made a significant appearance on the fashion scene of New York by participating in New York City’s Fashion Week, showcasing her presence between the city lights and runway strolls.

And that’s not all, Adja has outstandingly featured in the Oceanly campaign from the Attitude Living makeup brand, making her catch the public eye in every Jean Coutu store. More than representing her origins, Adja embraces and takes ownership of the extraordinary journey she is on, serving as an embodiment of the quote: “Dedication sees dreams come true “ by Kobe Bryant.

-Written by a close friend

Adja Diagne
Artistic director – when I started with artistic direction, one of my first projects
Adja Diagne
Artistic direction and photography: behind the scenes of taking new content for Cultur’elles MTL
Model – Featured in Suko Mag. Photo by Aiden Mathews, Designer Pearls Shells
Content Creator – first new york fashion week at Bach Mai’s show 2023
Beyond norms by us, artistic direction by me and 1purevision. Photo by me, edited by 1pure.vision
Model- latest big campaign for Attitude Living in all Jean Coutus
Adja Diagne
During Nyfw in September 2023, on my way to my second runway show
Adja Diagne
My weekly workout session to deal with stress


Which ‘hood are you in?

I am in Downtown Montreal near the University of Quebec in Montreal and in close proximity to the old port!

What do you do?

That’s an interesting question because I am a person who wants to try and learn different things every day! First, I graduated from a bachelor’s in political science and Women’s studies, currently studying immigration studies at Concordia University. I have a passion for human rights and consider myself an advocate for injustices and especially racial and gender injustice.

I am also a model, content creator, dancer, and artistic director. I also design clothes and can make them if you ask me to, and recently started taking pictures in creative photoshoots.

Also, I am part of a non-profit organization named Cultur’elles Mtl created by women of colour for women of colour. We promote women of colour in the arts, culture and communication sectors and organize creative events. I organized a paint & connect event last summer on a really nice rooftop owned by a black woman, which was about making connections with new people while painting.

My biggest passion is fashion and so that is what I emphasize most on my social media and showcase my journey like my first New York Fashion Week for example, which was incredible.

People usually refer to me as a multidisciplinary artist (I am kind of shy to say this like this) but I love the creative world so much and its process and would love to learn every aspect of the creative categories there is. I would also love to work as an artistic director at an agency but not be limited to that which is why I always get inspired by people who have multiple sources of income.

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am focusing on building up my portfolio as an artistic director and am working on many projects with different creatives. I am also working on organizing workshops on content creation and modelling. There is another project that I will put my focus on in 2024 but I think I’ll keep it a secret until it’s out!

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work as a content creator on Instagram, and find my model portfolio online here and on my Instagram bio as well. I am working on creating my artistic direction portfolio which will most likely be posted in 2024. For now, you can find my AD work on my Instagram page, and here is our work as Cultur’elles MTL where we organize creative events.