The Best Casinos to Visit In Montréal

If you take a look over the years in Montréal’s past, you’ll see that casino gaming is one of the favourite pastimes. One could say that they share an unbreakable bond. Casino gaming and sports betting have been legal in the province since 1985, although illegal gaming was taking place way before that.

One major reason why casino gambling is so popular in Montréal is the lower age requirement. The legal age limit is 18 unlike other Canadian provinces and cities where the minimum legal age requirement is 19. Montréal itself is a cosmopolitan gem with a unique blend of cultures. This makes the casino scene all the more unique, which is reflected in its architecture and everything else they offer. If you’re ever in Montréal, we’ll show you the best land-based establishments you’ll find in the city.

Casino de Montreal

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the first casino on the list is also the most popular one. Largest in size doesn’t necessarily mean the best, but that’s the case in Casino de Montréal. While new online casinos such as have gained a lot of ground, this modern architectural marvel has stood the test of time.

Located in the Ile Notre-Dame, this casino is made up of two former Expo 67 buildings. Many have been repurposed and given a new life after the Expo, and they make perfect sense here. The annex was built by the casino. In terms of size and gaming features, there are over 3,000 slot machines and more than 100 casino tables. Being the most popular casino in the province, the numbers are going up all the time.

Casino de Montréal is open 24/7 and offers an unmatched gaming experience. There are also many restaurants in the complex and night life events, along with the famous thematic New Year parties. With a beautiful décor and great vibes, it remains the best casino in the province and among the best ones in Canada.

Playground Poker Club

If you’re a fan of poker and like it more than any other game, the Playground Poker Club in Montréal is the place to visit. It features everything from basic tables to high stakes games for high rollers. Located in Kahnawake, the casino is just a short drive from the city and offers a prestigious experience and intense competition.

With attentive service and very cool décor, the Playground Poker Club is a top-notch poker club. It honestly sets the bar quite high for poker destinations in North America, and is a must-visit place for any poker fans.

Magic Palace

It would be a bit corny to say that this is where the magic happens in the city of Montréal, but that’s certainly the case. Magic Palace is located in the heart of the city, and while it has a modest size compared to other casinos, its charms are undeniable. With more than 400 slots, hundreds of table game, and the latest addition—a high-tech poker room—it makes for quite an engaging experience.

What’s even more impressive are the exclusive offers and promotions, all of which are available to the casino’s players. You have a few restaurants for a great fine dining experience in Montreal, allowing you to relax a bit before you head back to competing at the tables.

Overall, Magic Palace is a great pick for new players and experienced vets too. If you’re travelling to Montreal and already looking at the land-based establishments, it’s a must visit.

Casino du Lac-Leamy

The Casino du Lac-Leamy sits just across the Ottawa River in Gatineau. While it’s not set in the bustling centre, it does offer a retreat from all the hustle. The result is a more relaxed gaming experience on the waterfront with amazing décor and a gorgeous landscape.

This casino lacks nothing in the gaming department. You can play nearly 2,000 slots with hundreds of table games. For those who’d like to stay overnight, there are dozens of suites with special offers for casino clients. The Casino du Lac-Leamy is a perfect place for entertainment too, with live concerts and shows that you can enjoy between games. You can also grab a bite in one of the restaurants or have some drinks with friends.

Online Casinos vs. Land-Based Casinos in Montreal

Online gambling is a major hit in Montreal and already well ahead of some land-based casinos. However, it doesn’t make sense if you travel to Montréal. When you’re visiting the city, it’s best to check out the top land-based venues and enjoy the unique architecture and everything they offer.

If we have to compare both, it’s pretty clear that online gaming sites have more to offer. The number of games usually runs in the thousands, which only a few land-based casinos can match. Moreover, the game variety is also better online, meaning you get more for your money’s worth.

On top of that, you also get to try games for free online, which is never the case in land-based casinos. If you want some practice or you’re looking to try out a few strategies, it’s best to do so online. Practicing at land-based casinos means you’ll have to spend money, and since you’re trying out strategies, it also means you’ll lose a lot of the investment.

Bonuses are a big part of the experience, with a lot of offers for new and seasoned players available online. With exclusive deals on the line, it’s clear why players choose online casinos over land-based venues. Of course, brick-and-mortar casinos have their exclusive deals too, but they can’t compare to what online casinos in Montréal offer.


Gambling is a big part of Montréal’s history, and if you’re already in the city, you don’t want to miss the casinos we mentioned above. Online casino sites are popular too, but if you like a unique atmosphere on the spot, you should visit land-based venues. With amazing architecture and lively events too, you shouldn’t miss visiting some of Montréal’s top casinos.