The evolution of Montréal metros in the 1960s

Being a student in my last semester of university, I have spent quite a bit of time frequenting the various metro stations that we have here in Montreal. Some of my favourite stations include; Champ-de-Mars, Monk, and Angrinon. The fascinating architecture and interiors of these three metros have always drawn me to them.

It got me wondering how the interior of the metros looked like during the 1960s. In this archive, you will find a collection of photographs of various Montréal metro stations in the 1960s. Through my research in the archives, it seems like the completion of the metros wasn’t all done simultaneously at one time. There are photos that you’ll find in this archive, that were only taken a couple of months apart.

1965- The construction of the Montreal metro cars.
1965 – The construction of metro Berri-de Montigny.
1965 – Interior of metro Place-des-Arts.
1965 – The tunnel that connects metro Crémazie and Legendre.
1965 – Stairs leading down into Jarry metro.
1965 – Champ-de-Mars exterior.
1965 – The interior of Frontenac station.
1965 – The construction contract for Metro Beaubien.

I found this photo interesting because this had to have been a big project at the time in the city. If you think the city is a mess now with all the construction, could you imagine during the time they were first building the metros? I give all my respect to people like my grandparents who lived through the sixties while the construction was going on.

1965 – The interior of Metro Beaubien.
1966 – The exterior of metro Saint-Laurent.

This photo I found very curious, just for the fact that the archives identified it as Saint-Laurent. However, it doesn’t have the metro name (yet) on the entrance. My guess is this was taken within the first few weeks of metro Saint-Laurent opening. I also love that we can see vintage cars in the background.

1966 – The escalators inside metro Saint-Laurent.
1966 – The metro platform of Saint-Laurent.
1966 – The interior of Peel metro.
1966 – Peel metro platform.
1966 – A tunnel leading out of Atwater metro.
1966 – The exterior of Atwater metro with Dawson College peaking out in the background.
1967 – Metro île Sainte-Hélène platform.
1967 – Metro île Sainte-Hélène interior with the Biosphere peaking in the background.
1969 – A Montrealer waiting for the metro at Champ-de-Mars station.
1969 – Montrealers getting onto the metro at the McGill metro platform.


Find more photos from the Montréal archives on their website.



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