Old Photographs of Montréal Fashion (1953-1956)

As the years go by, new fashion trends emerge. I could look back at different periods of my life through photos and pinpoint exactly what was in style. Whether that be through clothes that I would wear, or even through what my friends were wearing and see what was in.

This idea was the inspiration for my next history post. I wanted to explore what exactly people were wearing throughout the city in the 50s.

1953 – Anita Lynch on Saint-Denis.
1953 – Man at a cafe on Saint-Denis, playing the saxophone.
1953 – Paul Garneau on Saint-Denis.
1953 – Rita Letendre at a show on Saint-Denis.
1953 – Robert Millet on Saint-Denis.
1954 – Man in front of a workshop on Saint-Denis.
1954 – George Fogarassy at café Échouerie.
1954 – Guido Moilani in front of the workshop on Saint-Denis.

Looking through these photographs, I feel like long trench coats were the fashion style back in the 50s. Especially in the cooler months, they go with every outfit.

1954 – Guy Borremans plays the harmonica at café Échouerie.
1954 – Isa, George, Thérèse, and Louis at café Échouerie.
1954 – Jean-Marie Deschamp at the workshop on Saint-Denis.
1954 – Louis and Thérèse at café Échouerie.
1954 – Photograph of Rita Letendre.
1956 – Marriage ceremony in Montréal.

During my research for this month’s post, some photos were captioned with the subject’s name, however in this case we don’t have the bride and groom’s name. However, what struck me was the bride’s dress. I’ve been so accustomed to seeing floor-length dresses at weddings. This one is made just so that the bride’s shoes peak out. I feel that this is beautiful on the bride, as well as the subtle pearl details on the dress.

1956 – Guests at the wedding ceremony in Montréal.
1956 – Bridal party of the bride and groom at the marriage ceremony in Montréal.
1956 – Montrealers view the exhibit of Jean-Paul Riopelle at the Museum of Fine Arts.
1956 – Men dressed in suits discussing the exhibit of Jean-Paul Riopelle at the Museum of Fine Arts.
1956 – Guests at the Museum of Fine Arts.
1956 – Man and woman discussing the exhibition at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts.

Find more photos from the Montréal archives on their website.

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