Why Do So Many Slot Machines Have Themes?

Whether it is a new casino that’s only a few months old or an established brand that has been operating for years, one thing is certain: it likely offers plenty of slots. The primary reason is that slots are the most-played casino game available and the favourite of many gamblers.

Photo by Creative Christians on Unsplash

It is estimated that more than one million slots exist, and with online casinos constantly adding to their libraries and allowing players to play for real money, the choices for players are endless. One of the deciding factors, however, is the theme of the slots.

Read on as we examine why so many slots have specific themes and delve into the effect that these themes have on the player. We’ll also investigate how these themes affect the gameplay and entertainment level of the slots and how they contribute to a unique industry with thousands of extraordinary stories.

Different Tastes

The first reason slot developers give each game a unique theme is also the most obvious. What one person may like when gambling, another will not. Therefore, slots need to cater to the needs of many people.

With over 64% of eligible residents in Canada gambling at least once per year, the group of players developers need to cater to is extensive. Not having a slot for even 10% of the player pool could mean millions of players turn to a game developed by a competitor studio.

Therefore, game studios often have a broad range of themed slot games that likely include almost every possible option so that there’s something for practically everyone.

Keep Up with Trends

The next reason slots have themes is that they allow developers to keep their games current with what is happening in the world. With over eight billion people sharing this planet, the popularity of certain items, ideas, or people changes regularly.

Keeping up with the latest pop culture trends allows developers to create games that appeal to people worldwide. This helps developers keep their games relevant and boosts the likelihood that gamblers will play them.

Primarily using themes based on movies, television shows, or music when emulating pop culture, slot games with themes like these launch into the market with an already established player base. Depending on the game’s enjoyment (or the reach of the trend), they can also attract millions of new players relatively easily.

Provide Engaging Gameplay

Early slots were fundamental. While the Liberty Bell set the standard and launched an entire industry dedicated to slots, players who wagered on the early machines were limited to a few reels and symbols of fruit, bars, and bells.

Today’s slots offer much more variety. From helping players travel to the farthest depths of a Mayan jungle to going back in history to see what things looked like way back when, themed games provide more than just a few primitive symbols.

These enhanced graphical themes allow slots to offer engaging gameplay, often accompanied by spectacular visuals and animations. All this helps players stay entertained and keeps them coming back, which in turn boosts player retention for casinos.

Tell a Story Through Immersion

Alongside engaging gameplay, themed slots tell an immersive story that pulls players in through clever visuals and gameplay dynamics. Themed games can offer unique bonus rounds or special features that help outline the theme’s story.

These features and bonus offerings immerse players in the slot world and help them feel invested in the game in more than just a monetary way. The themes make players want to know what happens next and inspire them to keep playing to find out.

Not only does this increase the enjoyment factor of a game among players, but as a bonus, these themed slots commonly have incredible ways to win. Consequently, players feel entertained and, if luck falls on their side, leave with some spare change in their wallets.

Adapt to Changing Desires

Just as popular culture ebbs and flows as various trends occur, societal desires can also change as quickly and in an even more unpredictable manner. Influenced by everything from culture and politics to the state of global affairs, every casino needs to be aware of the desires of society.

By staying in tune with these desires, operators can offer games that align with or support the larger society’s desires. At the same time, it allows operators to identify games that maybe shouldn’t be pushed on players as much during a particular time.

For example, Lumber Jack, a slot following a lovable lumberjack as he cuts down trees, may not be the best game for a society concerned about global warming and deforestation. However, slots like Secret Garden, which highlight the beauty of nature, would likely be well received.

Advertise a Brand

In the same way that popular culture can help a slot become an instant hit among players by identifying it with a particular brand, slots can also be used as a form of advertising, particularly if a brand is looking for widespread awareness in a quick and simple manner.

Themed slots with a specific branded theme can help a brand become a household name as more players flock to it. Exposure to the brand can cause players to want to find out more, and it can work as a form of advertising that benefits the company and the players who have a chance to win.

Cash in on Fame

Some slots take a different approach than trying to advertise a brand. Instead, they use a particular theme to try and cash in on the fame of an already established brand or figure to try and get players to enjoy their game as soon as it becomes available.

Numerous development companies have used this strategy, which involves signing licensing agreements with singers, companies, or brands. Like taking advantage of pop culture, this provides developers with an eager player base waiting in anticipation, sometimes months before the slot is officially released.