“Five Minutes With” Alternative Singer-Songwriter, Jonathan Roy

Jonathan Roy is an Alternative Singer-Songwriter born and raised in Quebec. His first album, What I’ve Become, was released in 2009. A sophomore set, Found My Way, followed quickly in 2010. Jonathan, who is bilingual, then released his first French-language record, La Route, the following year. Fast forward to the release of his 2017 album Mr. Optimist Blues, including the viral track “Daniella Denmark”, and Roy felt he was at a turning point. He soon headed to Los Angeles, where he lived in his RV at the side of the highway for nearly two years. One of the first songs he wrote there was the emotionally-charged “Keeping Me Alive”, which was on his 2021 EP My Lullaby. With the stripped-down version of the song accumulating over 94 million views to date on YouTube, this was the first sign that Jonathan was moving in a whole new direction.

Jonathan Roy


Jonathan Roy


Alternative Singer-Songwriter / Pop

# of Albums:


Latest Album:

Life Distortions

Latest Single:

“Stay In Bed and F*** While The World Burns”

Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

John Mayer. “Where the Light is” Dvd is what got me back into singing and playing music.

Favourite musician now:

Ray LaMontagne

Guilty pleasure song:

“Lovely Day” – Bill Withers

Live show ritual:

Sleep, eat healthy, stretch and meditation, listen to the show a few times, have fun!

Favourite local musician:

Patrick Watson

EP or LP?


Early bird or night owl?

I honestly am kinda both. Don’t sleep much!

Road or studio?

Both are amazing! Not one that I’d take over the other. It’s amazing to find the right balance in touring and creating. You are in the studio knowing you will perform these tracks live so there is a nice build-in excitement.

Any shows coming up?

Yes, many! Very excited to tour Europe for the first time. Nothing like starting fresh somewhere new in the world. Check out my website for my full list of show dates.

Where can we follow you?

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Website


Rapid Fire Montréal Qs

Favourite local restaurant:

Les Mercenaires, Mont Tremblant

Favourite street in your city:

Green Avenue in Westmount. I lived on that street for a few years and lots happened personally. It’s where I met my wife, made the move to write Corey Hart, it was my first home away from home when I moved out from my parents and the place where I made lots of mistakes that lead me to be a better man. Countless conversations with myself out on that street at 3 in the morning smoking
cigarettes and thinking what the hell am I going to do with my life. I loved that street, I felt free to roam and for the first time in control of my life and my destiny.

Favourite music venue in your city:

It’s got to be Place Des Arts. Amazing memories there with “Don Juan” the musical. I learned so much and worked with extremely talented people which just pushed me to be better as an artist and performer. Truly engraved as one of the coolest things I’ve done in my Career.



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