“Five Minutes With” alternative pop artist, Sophia Bel

Under the shy demeanour and delicate voice of Sophia Bel, there’s an inviting, colourful and playful world waiting for people to dive into. Born in Michigan from a Québécois dad and a Dutch-American mom, Sophia has always found her path through music, from singing 90s classics when she was younger to now releasing her debut album. A real 90s kid, she grew up listening to pop divas, while dreaming of one day becoming a shining music star like them. Bullied at school for her looks, Sophia found an escape daydreaming about a future life as a singer. Figuring out music was her true calling when she was still a teenager, Sophia decided to take her career seriously and pursue her studies in music at Vanier College in Montréal, where she started an empowering path towards the artist she is today. Taking time for herself to recenter on the kind of music she wanted to make as an artist, Sophia Bel found herself going back to her roots, one that are heavily influenced by the fresh pop of the early 00s, by emo-rock, and pop-punk of yesteryears.

Sophia Bel


Sophia Bel


Alternative Pop



# of Albums:

0, my first album ‘Anxious Avoidant’ drops on April 15th!

Latest Single:

I Won’t Bite

Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

Britney Spears, then Avril Lavigne, then Fall Out Boy

Favourite musician now:

Impossible question, but right now I would say Soccer Mommy

Guilty pleasure song:

Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow

Live show ritual:

Getting dressed up and not seeing the acts before me because I’d rather stay in denial than let the stage anxiety simmer

Favourite local musician:

There are many, at the moment I would say Helena Deland

EP or LP?

I’m a one song on repeat type of person

Early bird or night owl?

Chronic earlybird

Road or studio?


Any shows or albums coming up?

May 11th @ Baby G, Toronto // May 13th @ L’Anti, Quebec // May 25th @Foufounes Electriques, Montreal // July 13th @ Osheaga, Montreal

Where can we follow you? 

Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Twitter


Rapid Fire Montréal Qs

Favourite local restaurant:

Marmite Africaine (best chicken in the galaxy)

Favourite street in your city:

St-Laurent because it is home to my favourite music stores, thrift store and Jarry Park.

Favourite park in your city:

Jarry park because it has a gorgeous little lake and willow trees.

Favourite music venue in your city:

Parc Jean Drapeau (I like outdoor festivals)

Favourite music store in your city:

Nantel Musique, they are always so nice and helpful.



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