“A Day in the Life” with Fashion Designer and Model Catherine Djemba

Catherine Djemba became an integral part of Vonhguard in its early days when the company began to earnestly invest in its ideas. Affectionately regarded as a friend by other members, Cath initially started as a model but quickly delved into understanding the intricacies of running a brand. With brilliance, she joined VONHGUARD at its inception as part of a collective of multidisciplinary talents united to bring a vision to life as a brand. Rooted in the Old French term “Vanguard” (noun), the team aimed to cultivate and pioneer fresh ideas. Both her passion and that of other team members resonated well. Cath, in particular, immersed herself in her passion for fashion to carve out her place within the company. By reinventing classics and working with shapes and sumptuous fabrics, Vonhguard has introduced over 40 distinct products in the few years since its establishment.

-Written by Nelson, Director of Operations at Vonhguard

Catherine Djemba
Cath’s shot of a model at Vonhguard studio.
Catherine Djemba
Shot of a sewing machine Catherine uses regularly.
Shots with the team.
Headshot of Catherine while on set.
Finished pieces.
Catherine Djemba
Shooting the back of another piece worked on by Catherine and the team at Vonhguard.
Catherine Djemba
Judy in Vonhguard workshop.


Which ‘hood are you in?

New-Rosemont neighbourhood

What do you do?

I operate in different aspects of the fashion industry. I am a Floor Manager at a women’s clothing store, I design clothes and manage the social media for Vonhguard and I also model.

What are you currently working on?

One of my main focuses currently is working on developing the brand’s presence on the Montreal fashion scene. Alongside that, increasing the brands social media presence by creating and constantly evolving our content. But, what I’m most excited about is getting back into the creative process and designing new pieces, creating a new wave for the brand and seeing where our creativity takes us.

Where can we find your work?

Everything associated with the brand is accessible on our Instagram and TikTok or directly on our website. We are also available to shop on Amazon Canada.


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