“A Day in the Life” with Montreal Visual Artist Kristyna Baradinskas

I have been extremely fortunate to be a spectator, witness and fan of Kristyna Baradinskas’s growth, evolution and maturity as a painter. As her partner in crime and life, I have had a front-row seat to see a talent that continues to astonish and amaze not only me but audiences in Montreal, and internationally.

Her work ethic, which was no doubt grounded in her years as a nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, belies her keen perception and choice of subject matter as well as her devotion to her craft for over 25 years. Kristyna Baradinskas approaches each day with discipline. Arriving in her studio early with a commitment to achieving what she has planned and more often staying late to finish.

Kristyna studied Art History and drawing at Concordia while working. She continued her studies during and after her nursing career at the Saidye Brofman Centre, Visual Art Centre in Montreal and through private tutoring from renowned Montreal artist, Ian Shatilla.

Kristyna’s choice of subjects are often moments missed or seen and digested quickly by others. A passing construction site seen on a speeding train during a downpour, a pedestrian negotiating a hill in Montreal during a wet snowstorm. The obfuscated rear façade of a small town motel through the windshield of a parked car during a biblical rainstorm.

Working from a slew of photographs taken all over Northeastern North America, Kristyna’s fascination with the intersection of weather, circumstance and the space between the self and the outside world is infectious to all.

Her attention to detail is almost palpably exhausting! Those damn drops! Often painterly, and always detailed, her choice of palettes are always compelling. Kristyna has a separate body of abstract work which is as inspiring as her realist works. Both are borne of the same commitment and creative spirit.

-Written by Kristyna Baradinskas partner, David Cromwell

Kristyna Baradinskas
“Weatherman”, private collection.
Kristyna Baradinskas
“Lectricshave” A labour of love.
Is there rain in the forecast? My kind of day trip.
A break from droplets and rivulets!
Morning in the studio.
Detail published!
Kristyna Baradinskas
The studio wall.
Kristyna Baradinskas
A recent project.


Which ‘hood are you in?

A lifetime Montrealer, I live in Notre Dame de Grace.

What do you do?

I spend my time engaged in all things painting. I work in oils and watercolour pursuing a passion for both realism and abstraction.

What are you currently working on?

Having participated in a variety of group shows I am currently working on material for my first solo show at BBAM Gallery in April of next year.

Where can we find your work?

One can find my work on Instagram and Artsy.net


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