“A Day in the Life” with multi-disciplinary artist, Laura Buchanan

Laura Buchanan is a clown.

Not in the derogatory sense, but she literally has studied clown in LA as part of her broad repertoire of performance comedy. She is a veteran of the Montreal improv scene and knows her way around the stand-up stage. Laura is a talented working actor who just booked her first national commercial playing the perfect deadpan roommate in a Maple syrup spot. Laura is not just a comic, but writes and draws comics as well. She has been making these beautiful, hilarious, and very personal pieces for years now, honing a unique and vibrant perspective on the absurdity of existence and the mundanity of one life’s management.

Those clever comic strips are what got her attention to get into this here magazine. She is working on collecting her thoughts into a book, publishers please take note. As a writer, Laura is strengthening her already strange and singular thoughts into an authentic and compelling voice of an emerging queer artist.

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, she came to Montreal to study theatre at Concordia. She has worked in film and animation here on the production side but really wants to be writing these shows instead. And should be, she’s brilliant.

Written by Alexander Juhasz, Laura’s partner

Laura Buchanan
When not indoors crafting comics or watching TV, Laura explores the outdoors. Captured at Quebec National Park Les Grands-Jardins.
Laura Buchanan
Road trip this summer to Lac Témiscouata, QC.
Supporting local artist and friend Vee Di Gregorio (center) at Camera Lucida at Casa D’Italia this summer.
Taking a stroll at Parc Maisonneuve, taking pictures of grass.
Laura’s current two sketchbooks and Ipad on rotation to draft up her comics.
Montréal Sketchfest 2022, Sketch Republics final show “The Funeral” – Photo by: Joseph Fuda.
Laura Buchanan
At the Montreal Botanical Garden, which has become one of Laura’s favourite destinations in the city.
Laura Buchanan
Mushroom and Laura pictured at the Gault Nature Reserve, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC.


Which ’hood are you in?

Hochelaga, now infamously rebranded as HoMa

What do you do?

I am a teacher in training at Montreal improv and work in film production – also I draw comics!

What are you currently working on?

I have a few projects in the works. I am developing my first short film, ramping up on some staged comedy work, and the big goal is to publish something in 2023.

Where can we find your work?

Best place to catch up to date work is on Instagram or my website.



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