“A Day in the Life” with: Montréal Multimedia Artist Yoakim Bélanger

Born in Montréal in 1977, Yoakim Bélanger was encouraged from a young age to explore his inner thoughts and means of self-expression. He took advantage of the opportunity to pursue the study of Graphic Design at Université du Québec à Montreal, where he studied photography, advertising, and multimedia. This foundation formed his practice as a painter, helping him to develop the distinctive manipulation of his medium that he is so well known for today.

In his work, Yoakim Belanger beckons viewers into a transcendent realm where the convergence of mediums illuminates the essence of hope, light, resilience and serenity. His latest work serves as a testament to Belanger’s skill and technique, showcasing the remarkable ability to navigate between the raw, industrial allure of metal and the delicate, intricate world of paper. While Belanger’s works on rusted steel stand as iconic symbols of his craft, it is through the artist’s explorations on paper that new horizons emerge.

At the heart of Yoakim Belanger’s practice lies the transformative process of distraction and construction —an alchemical dance of layering and revelation. Each surface, whether a rusted plate or a delicate sheet of paper, becomes a canvas for personal expression allowing the artist to achieve his ultimate goal of portraying both body and soul. Textures merge, hues interplay, and faces emerge, each one a tribute to the resilience inherent in the human spirit and its strength, passion, and grace.

-Written by Galerie LeRoyer Team

Yoakim Belanger
Construction and Distraction
Yoakim Belanger
Final Touches
“Solaris I” and “Solaris II”, Mixed Media on Aluminum, 72 x 60″ each, 2024
Studio Views
Evening Window Studio Views
“Cerebral Apex”, Watercolour and Ink on Paper, 36 x 49″, 2024
Yoakim Belanger
Story Board
Yoakim Belanger
Graphic novel ‘Résister et Fleurir’


Which ‘hood are you in?

For the past 20 years, I’ve called the vibrant Hochelaga neighbourhood in Montreal my home and workplace. It’s a dynamic area where people from all walks of life intersect and live together. My workshop serves as my sanctuary—a place where ideas thrive, evolve, and collide. Hochelaga’s multicultural atmosphere deeply influences my creative process, making it an ideal environment for growth. I feel fortunate to have such a beautiful and sunlit studio space.

What do you do?

I am a multimedia artist who is fascinated by the universality of movements, expressions, and plasticity. I employ various mediums, including painting, drawing, photography, and video, to elevate the physical appearance of humanity and celebrate its strength, passion, and grace. My unique process involves removal, sanding, and alterations on metal plates, resulting in vibrant and textured brushwork that harmoniously merges the realms of abstract and figurative, order and chaos, shade and light.

My artistic journey has been punctuated by numerous solo and group exhibitions across Canada. In 2016, I gained critical and popular acclaim for my exhibition in London. I have also participated in international fairs held in Miami, New York, Hamburg, and Toronto. My artwork graces the collections of numerous private and public institutions in Europe, the United States, and Canada. I also hold a degree in graphic design and have garnered praise for my directorial efforts in two acclaimed short films, “If I Can Fly” and “Ces femmes qui marchent,” showcased at international film festivals.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently preparing for an upcoming exhibition with Galerie LeRoyer. It will feature a special collaboration with street artist CSRK and glitch artist ADO, both represented by the gallery. We aim to create an exhibition that breaks away from the gallery setting and will take place on the top floor of an iconic building in Hochelaga, Le Giovanelli. We will be utilizing the top floor of the building and hosting our show at the end of October 2024.

In 2023, I worked on and completed my first graphic novel, ‘Résister et Fleurir’. Currently, I am developing a new graphic novel adaptation of the play ‘Les Glaces’ by author Rébecca Desraspe. I enjoy working on multiple projects involving different media. The interplay between both languages of art influences each other and enriches my artistic practice.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my works at Galerie LeRoyer in old Montréal and Toronto, and French Art Studio in London, England.

My graphic novel, ‘Résister et Fleurir’ is in every bookstore in Québec.


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