Five Minutes with: Montreal Singer-Songwriter Bella Galasso

Bella Galasso is a 24-year-old singer/songwriter from Montreal. Even though she picked up her first instrument at 10, she started writing songs as early as age 9. At 13 she was selected to be in the top 10 for the Montreal Songwriting Competition, the youngest one there. Her passion for songwriting was inspired by her love for artists like Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne as a child. Bella is a seasoned performer having performed all over the city including the Bell Centre when her former band had the chance to open for Bon Jovi in 2018. After the release of her single “Ruin a Party” in May 2022, she is more than ready to let people into her more personal and vulnerable songs.

Bella Galasso


Bella Galasso


Genres are hard to pinpoint but I would say singer/songwriter or pop!


I started my solo career in 2022!

# of Albums:

I currently have 2 singles out!

Latest Single:

My latest single is called “Fall Asleep with the Moon” and it’s about the confusing feeling of wanting more from life even though everything you have is good.

Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

My favourite musician was definitely Taylor Swift growing up!

Favourite musician now:

I would still say Taylor Swift but mixed in with Pheobe Bridgers

Guilty pleasure song:

At the moment it’s “HOT TO GO” by Chappell Roan. I’m a sucker for fun pop

Favourite local musician:

Probably Tatum Quinn, they’re the best for a live show!

EP or LP?

I love LPs

Early bird or night owl?

Neither, but more night owl!

Road or studio?


Any shows or albums coming up?

My new EP was released on November 17th! It’s 5 songs that mean a lot to me and I’ve been working on this for a year!

Where can we follow you?

Instagram | TikTok


Rapid Fire Local Questions:

What is your favourite local restaurant?

I love I am Pho near guy-concordia metro. I could have it daily.

What is your favourite street in your city and why?

I love Saint Laurent for the great vintage shopping

What is your favourite park in your city and why?

I don’t know if you can consider the botanical gardens a park but I go so often it may as well be for me. It’s gorgeous and calming, especially in the arboretum!

What is your favourite music venue in your city?

Probably Mtelus for concerts!

What is your favourite music store in your city?

When I was a kid it was HMV but with streaming, I don’t go to many anymore.