Five Minutes With: Folk-Roots Duo Fire & Smoke

Fire & Smoke (Winnipeg/Montréal) is a bilingual folk-roots partnership uniting exciting harmonies, deft storytelling, and ever-evolving live instrumentation.

Recipients of the CBC/Radio-Canada Phonogramme Prize, grand prize winners of the Chant’Ouest francophone music competition, and CBC Canada Live featured artists, the group made it to #5 on Espace Musique’s national Country-Folk chart with “Prends la Maison” off their debut EP “Maiden Voyage” (2011).

Since returning from hiatus in 2021 and releasing stand-alone single “La route” (2022), the pair have a new EP entitled “Constance” slated for March 22, 2024. Find debut single “How It Is” (Feb 17 2023) via Exclaim’s the Eh! List, CBC/Radio-Canada, and indie media across the country (Canadian Beats, Stylus Mag).

2023 live show highlights include the Winnipeg Folk Festival (MB), Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival (NS), and official showcases for Folk Music Ontario and Coup de Coeur francophone (QC). Their latest single, “J’arrive pas à croire” (Oct 27 2023) is available everywhere now.

Fire & Smoke


Fire & Smoke


Bilingual folk-roots


2010 (active 2010-2013, and then again from 2021-now)

# of Albums:

2 EPs including “Constance” out March 22, 2024

Latest Album:


Latest Single:

J’arrive pas à croire (independent, Oct 27 2023)

Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

Claire: Bright Eyes

Dan: Dimmu Borgir

Favourite musician now:

Claire: artists I’m loving and following closely lately are Angie McMahon and Hailey Blais.

Dan: Super Duty Tough Work, taking up the mantle of activism through music

Guilty pleasure song:

Claire: Levels by Nick Jonas

Dan: Slow Burn by Kacey Musgraves

Live show ritual:

Claire: an anxiety attack (just kidding) – I’m a real stressy Bessy before shows, so often my live show ritual is some deep breathing and if necessary, a time-out nap.

Dan: Vocal warmups, finger warm-ups, and peeking through the curtain to see who’s in the front row – if it’s family I need to steel myself because they’re the only people I’m nervous to play for.

Favourite local musician:

Claire: I love love love Jeanne Côté and Embo/phlébite for their live shows.

Dan: Natalie Bohrn here in Winnipeg – voice of an angel and groove for days.

EP or LP?

Claire: LP – when I’m listening to music, it’s usually albums played top to bottom.

Dan: LP when I’m listening alone, but I LOVE going side-by-side with my music nerd pals.

Early bird or night owl?

Claire: Aspirational early bird.

Dan: I’m frankly aghast that there’s a 7 AM at all. My day starts when the sun goes down.

Road or studio?

Claire: This is a close one because I really enjoy both, but studio wins by a tight margin.

Dan: Road for life. There’s so much to see and hear and smell and taste out there!

Any shows or albums coming up?

Our sophomore EP “Constance” is out, a bilingual release with three songs in English and three in French. For fans of Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Lisa LeBlanc, ‘Ladies of the Canyon’ era Joni Mitchell, Milk Carton Kids.

Where can we follow you?

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Rapid Fire Local Questions:

What is your favourite local restaurant?

Claire (Montreal): sadly my two big favourites are both now closed – the Beaufort Café when it was on St-Zotique (before it moved to St-Hubert, became more seafood fine dining, and subsequently went bankrupt), and Le Blumenthal on the Place des Arts which for me was just the perfect French bistro dining experience. These days the local restaurant I go to most often is Pho Do Thi. For something a little more formal, it’s often Café Parvis.

Dan (Winnipeg): Modern Electric Lunch

What is your favourite street in your city and why?

Claire (MTL): St-Zotique – it’s the route I take to so many places I like and visit often: Yisst, Vices et Versa, One Babo (my fave bubble tea place at the corner of St-Hubert), my hair salon Freyja (Hollie is the best), La Carreta especially when their patio is open.

Dan (WPG): Market – it’s right in the Exchange where the theatres, museums, and breweries all lead from.

What is your favourite park in your city and why?

Claire (MTL): Jeanne-Mance – I used to live right by there, I love the wide open expanses and the view of the mountain.

Dan (WPG): Lagimodière-Gaboury, it’s a little wedge of wilderness between the tracks and the Seine River that I love to paddle in the summer, and walk my dog in the winter.

What is your favourite music venue in your city?

Claire (MTL): Verre Bouteille

Dan (WPG): Times Change(d)

What is your favourite music store in your city?

Claire (MTL): I don’t have one – I’m not a big vinyl collector, and when I do buy vinyl records it’s usually via Bandcamp or directly with the artist.