“A Day in the Life” with Montréal Visual Artist Luc Martineau

Many years ago, when I was Deputy Chief of the Federal Courts’ Administrative Services in Ottawa, my path crossed that of Judge Luc Martineau. A brilliant and highly respected jurist, but above all a welcoming and generous person. Then I discovered the self-taught visual artist and some of his artwork displayed at his workplace. Over the years, Luc became a friend, and I had the privilege of documenting his wonderful creations through my photos and videos. After a very successful career in the legal world, Luc devoted himself full-time to his passion, moving into his magnificent studio on the banks of the Lachine Canal in Montreal. Soon enough, many paintings were created, as he was inspired, our art magician.

Luc is, in my opinion, a pure artist who paints with his heart and soul. I appreciate his vision of the abstract world. He’s always ready to innovate and try new things. The last two projects we did, in collaboration with fashion designer Frank Sukhoo and hat designer Madeleine Cormier, took us to the crossroads of art and haute couture. Luc, with his unique touch, used the designers’ magnificent dresses and hats to transform them into new artistic masterpieces. The result, published in Luxe magazine, is simply magical and dazzling.

For now, Luc is one of the best-kept secrets in the art world. The spotlight is already on this multi-talented art wizard thanks to Maia Sylba Creator/Editor of the art magazine Musetouch.

As in the legal world, he’ll set a precedent or as we say in French « il fera jurisprudence »!

-Written by Richard Tardif, Professional Photographer & Videographer, and friend

Luc Martineau
Preparing to paint in my studio at Complexe du Canal Lachine. Photo by: Richard Tardif
Luc Martineau
Embarking on my first art and fashion collaboration with designer Frank Sukhoo and hat designer Madeleine Cormier. This innovative idea, initiated by my friend Richard Tardif, involved a photoshoot at my studio and discussions with the lovely model Alexandra Maria-Misu. Photo by: Richard Tardif
Engaging in my second art and fashion collaboration by directly painting on a white designer dress. Photo by: Richard Tardif; Model: Alexandra Maria-Misu
Posing in front of my triptych “Body Language” at the collective exhibition DÉTONATIONS in Montreal
Conversing with interested buyers at the opening of my solo exhibition “Final Judgment” in Ottawa. Photo by: Richard Tardif
Luc Martineau
Captured in a meditative state in my studio, taking a moment of rest after two hours of non-stop painting. Photo by: Bruno Mediati
Luc Martineau
Serving as a guest speaker on the 2-hour radio show “On a Desert Island,” discussing with host François Gauthier the music that inspires me and my work. Photo by: Richard Tardif
Luc Martineau
Proudly showcasing my hand-painted dresses and hats on the catwalk at Angie’s AMTI Showcase at the Canadian Museum of War. Photo by: Richard Tardif


Which ’hood are you in?

We returned to the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood in Montreal in 2019, where our family lived before I became a judge at the Federal Court of Canada and we moved to Ottawa.

What do you do?

I’m a self-taught visual artist who also had a successful career in the legal world. I’ve been drawing and painting most of my life. Since 2022, my main focus has shifted to professional painting, particularly abstract and dreamlike pieces. My goal is to connect with the mystery of the higher self. I’m guided by the moment’s intuition. Colours and shapes come alive, merging into a mysterious current. Every brushstroke expresses an emotion, unveiling a raw sentiment. Consciousness is the essence of being, I want to co-create all possibles. Beyond the canvas, I delve into photography, digitally transforming images with raw materials like paintings and photographs to create imaginary scenes. Literary texts emerge, crafted through a blend of meditation, daydreaming, and nightdreams

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently juggling several projects, fueled by my hyperactive nature and a mind filled with competing ideas. These concepts crave space and freedom to evolve. In my painting, I enjoy using a mix of media—collages, charcoal, and oil sticks blended with acrylics. My recent exploration involves portraying the human body as a dynamic field of energy. I find inspiration in femininity and nature, aiming to continue creating paintings influenced by fashion and various states of being. Collaborations with designers and photographers remain a priority, envisioning a museal collection of hand-painted dresses and participating in shoots with human and moving bodies. I’m also eager to integrate my work into sets and scenography for theatre, television, and art cinema.

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work on my website or explore my Instagram profile. Features are also available in Musetouch Art Magazine. Catch glimpses of my pieces at various art shows, and if you’re interested in a direct connection, contact me through my website. I’d be delighted to arrange a visit to my studio located at Complexe du Canal Lachine, 4710 Saint Ambroise Street, in the vibrant Saint-Henri district of Montreal.


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