“A Day in the Life” with Montreal Author Monique Polak

Monique Polak, a prolific author with 33 books tailored for young readers, holds the prestigious Quebec Writers’ Federation Janet Savage Blachford Prize for Children’s and YA Literature three times. Retired after an illustrious 35-year career teaching English and Humanities at Marianopolis College in Montreal, Monique’s expertise extends to courses in Print Journalism and Writing for Children. A Lewis Carroll’s Alice books specialist, she recently authored “Open Science: Knowledge for Everyone” (Orca Books), catering to readers aged 9 to 12. Actively engaging with schools, Monique collaborates closely with Montreal’s Blue Metropolis Literary Foundation and contributes as a freelance journalist to the Montreal Gazette. With a profound interest in Holocaust studies, Monique’s poignant book, “What World Is Left” (Orca), draws from her mother’s untold childhood experience in the Nazi concentration camp, Theresienstadt, revealed to Monique more than 60 years later.

Monique Polak
Monique starts every day by writing three pages in her journal.
Monique Polak
Monique runs every morning. It’s a time for her to plan the day’s writing.
At school visits, Monique gets inspired by kids!
Even when Monique is sick in bed (with a cold) (and her step-daughter for company) (and the dog), there is always a book nearby.
Book launches don’t happen every day, but when they do, they’re fun!
Monique Polak
Monique doing research for her upcoming non-fiction book.
Monique Polak
Monique doing a writing workshop with a Grade Five class in Puvirnituq, Nunavik


Which ‘hood are you in?

I live in NDG — Notre Dame de Grâce. It’s one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city!

What do you do?

I write books for kids.

What are you currently working on?

I often have several projects going on at a time. I am finishing a new non-fiction book that I am co-authoring this time with Vancouver Island author and editor Kirstie Hudson. We have a January deadline, so we are both working hard on that project! I also recently completed a middle-grade novel.

Where can you find your work?

At the library. At the bookstore. Visit my website to learn more about the books I have written.


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