“A Day in the Life” with Montreal-based Actor, Voice Artist and Singer Patricia Summersett

Just yesterday I turned to Patricia and said: “These notes right here…these are yours.” We were playing through one of our songs and we’d reached the best part. Patricia’s craft, her instincts and uncanny ear are responsible for the best parts of most of our songs…and indeed most of our collaborations.

These days people tend to associate Patricia Summersett with the role of Nintendo’s Princess Zelda. I know Patricia as an actor, a voice artist, a singer, a songwriter, a scriptwriter, a letter-writer, an ice dancer, a thoughtful introvert and friend. Although it feels strange to put ‘friend’ at the end of this list because it is friendship that lies at the centre of our innumerable collaborations.

Patricia is a Canadian-American artist raised in Upper Michigan. She’s lived and worked in Montreal for most of her adult life but often heads to LA and elsewhere for work. It was in LA where she auditioned for and landed the titular role in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. She now spends a lot of time on the road attending comic cons and pursuing a variety of projects, but Montreal is the place she seeks solace. Her background is theatre. She holds a Master of Classical Acting from the RCSSD in the UK and an undergrad in Theatre Performance from Concordia U. But before theatre, it was competitive ice dancing. And it was this that brought her to Quebec.

Patricia has confided in me how difficult she finds it to wear so many hats, but I see this as a testament to her curious mind and insatiable desire to tell stories.

Some of her recent projects: The voice of Princess Zelda in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, performance capture and voice of Ash in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege (Ubisoft), Angela in the TV series Three Pines and a new album with art-folk band Summersett. She is also currently developing a screenplay.

“Hey, Patricia…all these hats you wear…these are yours!”

-Written by Nick Carpenter — composer, writer, educator, and co-founder of Summersett (band)

Patricia Summersett
Alissa Koski and Patricia Summersett enjoying Parc Jarry
Patricia Summersett
At the premiere of Three Pines, pictured with Sarah Booth. Photo by: John Mahoney
Band Rehearsal with Holly Gauthier- Frankel, Eric Davis, Nick Carpenter, Jean-Philippe Godbout and Pierre Gaudreault
Concert at La Sala Rossa. L to R. Nick Carpenter, Marie-Neige Lavigne, Catherine LeSaunier, Pierre Gaudreault, Eric Davis, Patricia Summersett, Jean-Philippe Godbout and Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Patricia and father at their family’s favourite location on Lake Superior
Patricia holding their band’s new vinyl for LP More of the World. Artwork by Julia Agnes
Patricia Summersett
Patricia working in her home studio in Montreal
Patricia Summersett
Posing with Zelda cosplayer Nikki Geeks at Fan Expo Comic Con in Philadelphia


Which hood are you in?

Little Italy

What do you do?

I’m an actor, voice artist and singer

What are you currently working on?

Just released an album with our band (doing some live performances around Montreal for this) and I’m currently working on a few different games (under NDA), shooting on a couple of tv/film projects and developing a screenplay (thank you CCA!)

Where can we find your work?

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Summersett Band



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