“Five Minutes With” Montreal Indie-Pop Musician Emilie Kahn

I’m a harpist and singer-songwriter from Montreal.

Emilie Kahn
Photo Credit: Jodi Heartz/Alex Blouin

Name: Emilie Kahn

Genre: Indie-pop

Founded: 2012

# of Albums: 2 LPs / 1 EP

Latest Release: Just released my new song “Gemini”!

Latest Video: Vid for Gemini:

Favourite musician as a teenager:

I was obsessed with a lot of indie front ladies, especially Emily Haines/Metric and Feist.

Favourite musician now:

Growing up is realizing you love Taylor Swift.

Guilty Pleasure Song:

Sorry but I love Yummy by Justin Bieber even though everyone has collectively decided to hate it.

Live Show Ritual:

Be stressed, think I’m dying, drink tea, then immediately feel better as soon as I actually start playing.

Favourite local artist:

I’ve been obsessed with Helena Deland and her record “Someone New” this year.

EP or LP?

I prefer a shorter LP or an EP because I have a short attention span.

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl – I’m most creative at night and have trouble getting to bed, but I also love going for walks really early in the morning while it’s quiet out.

Road or studio?

Road! I love the writing process, but I find studio work can be pretty tedious and I definitely feel more in my element when I’m performing live.

Any shows or albums coming up?



Rapid Fire Qs from Montréal

Favourite local Restaurant?

Résonance Café – amazing vegan food and great people.

Favourite Street?

I miss Bernard where I used to live! I love the Mile End neighbourhood vibes.

Favourite Park?

This summer I fell in love with Jarry when I went there everyday while dog sitting, something romantic about the vast open space.

Favourite Music Venue?

I really miss seeing shows at Casa Del Popolo pre-pandemic. Always a nice place to see new bands and run into friends.

Favourite Montréal Staple?

Living in the Mile End I grew to love taking a morning walk and grabbing a fresh Fairmount Bagel.

Where can we follow you?

Facebook | Instagram | TikTok