“Five Minutes With” Alt-Pop artist, Maryze

Maryze is a queer bilingual singer-songwriter based in Montreal, originally from Vancouver. Her stormy-sweet alt pop conjures a haunting universe, blending electronic beats with fiery, introspective lyrics.








# of Albums:

1 EP, First LP coming May 6!

Latest Album:

Like Moons (2019 EP)

Latest Single:


Latest Video:

Favourite musician growing up:

Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, Blink-182

Favourite musician now:

Charli XCX

Guilty pleasure song:

No song is a guilty pleasure but “Sugar We’re Going Down” is forever on repeat

Live show ritual:

Reminding my anxiety that everything will probably be fine, and creating a look that feels like it accurately expresses how I feel that day.

Favourite local musician:

La Fièvre

EP or LP?

LP to take a full journey

Early bird or night owl?

I used to be a notorious night owl but the pandemic has me rising a bit earlier which I actually am excited about.

Road or studio?

Studio on the road

Any shows or albums coming up?

Montreal album pre-release party April 29 at the Diving Bell Social Club.

Where can we follow you?

@maryzemusic everywhere! TikTok | Instagram | Twitter | SoudCloud


Rapid Fire Montreal Qs

Favourite local restaurant:

The new Indian food place on Roy, Plateau Cuisine Indienne, is SO tasty and the portions are huge for pretty cheap.

Favourite street in your city:

Probably Duluth for the cute cats in the window

Favourite park in your city:

Parc La Fontaine because it’s pretty much my backyard. I went there every day during the lockdown and it kept me sane.

Favourite music venue in your city:

Diving Bell Social Club

Favourite music store in your city:

Whatever show I’m at, that’s where I buy records most.



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