“A Day in the Life” with photographer, Pascale Thérien

Pascale Thérien is not only a photographer, she’s also a dedicated and successful business woman. At 19, while working part time as a barmaid, she completed a communications degree at l’UQUAM. Her journey into photography started when, as a radio anchor, she enjoyed taking pictures of her rapper friends.

Pascale Thérien

At 25, she went on a backpacking adventure through Europe and captured with her camera beautiful sceneries and landscapes. During that trip, she discovered her passion for photography. Upon her return, she enrolled and completed an intensive photography course during which she discovered that she wanted to focus on portrait photography.

She further developed her skills through online classes, constant practice and focus and dedication to her art.
Pascale founded La Luz Portrait eight years ago. Starting her own studio provided her with the opportunity to develop her abilities and skills as a business woman.

Pascale is profoundly inspired by the resilience and vulnerability of the women she photographs. She thrives on witnessing women transform physically but also mentally and emotionally. She gains their trust by being available for and deeply interested in their personal transformation. At the end of the day, that’s what makes her work so gratifying.

Pascale’s ambition is to share that passion with other photographers thereby growing her business and expanding this service to many more women.

Pascale is also a mother. She is familiar with the challenges of the modern day woman. For her, every woman is a superhero. She wants to empower women by helping them connect with their inner and outer beauty. That is her motivation and what drives her to follow her dream.

Pascale Thérien
This is a first for me, a photoshoot by the pool side! We had a special request to have their photos taken somewhere with a nice corporate like background.
In photo: Some of the team members of Corbeil Boudreau @stefy663
Pascale Thérien
With the changes happening on social media, our team is also adapting to it! Here, I am taking a few videos of the transformation of one of our clients that day to create Instagram Reels. As someone who is really not into technology, this experience is all new for me, but so far I am enjoying it!
In photo: Me, makeup artist, and Audrey Prud’homme (IG: @a__prudhomme)
I may be the photographer, but I also help our clients in styling! During my Zoom consultation with them, I always remind them to bring a lot of clothes and accessories. I am always amazed with the final look we can come up with! Clients also have the option to hire wardrobe stylists, we can recommend some within the area! The man in this photo is actually a wardrobe stylist!
In photo: A team member of Re/Max Du Cartier, and wardrobe stylist Craig Major (IG: @craigmajor)
Here, I am taking a photograph of my sister, Marianne. When I started my journey as a photographer, she was very supportive of me. She was also my muze! I’ve photographed her over 20 times by now… She is an amazing person and I would do anything for her, including her portraits!
IG: @farleymarianne
This is me capturing the beauty of one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. Despite the tragedy that she’s been through, she remained strong and brave. She wants to take portraits as a celebration of the second life that is given to her.
In photo: makeup artist @laconsultante_mua, @tiinaa2513
Here, I am preparing our portrait wall before my client comes in for the photo reveal. This part of the client journey always reminds me why I created La Luz Portraits. Seeing their huge smiles (and sometimes tears) makes my heart melt.
Every photoshoot is a team effort. In this image,one of my makeup artist, Virginie, is using the board to create wind which will add movement to our client’s hair.
IG: @virginievandelac
Pascale Thérien
We have some long dresses at the studio that clients can use during the shoot, and this is one of them! Gorgeous, isn’t it? So, here I am, clipping the back part of the dress to make sure the dress doesn’t slip during the shoot.
In photo: Katia Bhoukerissa (IG: @katetobeezz)


Which ’hood are you in?

In Parc Extension

What do you do?

I’m a business woman and photographer

What are you currently working on?

We are working on a project called the Fabulous 50

Where can we find your work?

On Facebook, Instagram, and our website.



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