“A Day in the Life” with Montréal-based Actor and Model Chanel Mings

I remember it like it was yesterday… Fifteen years ago, in our small-town Ottawa, Chanel Mings and I were sitting in theatre class talking about our future plans. When asked what she planned to do after high school, her soulful eyes opened and she replied, “I’m going to be an actress.”

At the time, many might have thought this was a far-fetched career, but not Chanel, she is a dreamer, an artist, and an adventurer who knows how to express the depth of passion on screen or on stage. Her intense passion and unwavering perseverance have always translated into reality.

Whether it’s a new gig or a new hobby, she puts her heart and soul into it (literally)!

As she had dreamed, she moved to Montreal to attend theatre school and became an actress. She landed many incredible roles in Franco-Quebec productions, which include a variety of short films, feature films, and television shows such as Nous, Les Petits Rois, Scream VI, Motel Paradis, Alertes, and many more.

So when I think back to the fiery energy and presence she exuded on stage 15 years ago, it is the same boundless energy I see on television today, full of emotion and brilliance! It is clear that this is her path, that she is a natural, and that she will continue to thrive and captivate all those around her in the pursuit of her passion.

-Written by Essi Agbogbe

Chanel Mings
One thing that I learned during covid is how much physical activity really makes me feel good, both mentally and physically. I always stay active whether it be in the gym, doing muy thai, running, skateboarding, hot yoga or long walks (especially up Mount Royal)
Chanel Mings
I always love checking out new expositions at the museum. This photo was taken at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
When I’m not acting, I enjoy modelling, especially for creative shoots like this!
Catching the sunsets with friends is a must during summer!
Travelling with the fam to visit my brother in the Netherlands might just be a new tradition 
Being part of La Minute Maj has been a true pleasure. It’s a news page for the youth (for anyone and everyone really) that breaks down what is happening in our world with an easy and understandable approach. Check them out on Instagram!
Chanel Mings
Having a self-care Sunday with friends never hurts 😉
Chanel Mings
Ice skating every winter is a tradition for my sister Jasmine and me. Our Favorite spot is the Beaver Lake skating rink in Mount Royal.


Which ’hood are you in?

My heart is in the Plateau where I lived for 7 years. But I recently moved to Villeray and I absolutely adore it. My new hang-out spot this summer will definitely be Jarry Park. The sunsets are amazing there!

What do you do?

I’m a bilingual actor and model.

What are you currently working on?

We just finished filming the first bloc of Celestine, Susanne’s first featured film. Until we shoot the next bloc this summer, I’ll be working on the second season of Avant Le Crash!

Where can we find your work?

You can find different shows I’ve acted in like Nous, Motel Paradis on Club illico. Or Les Petits Rois, Cerebrum 2, STAT, Avant le Crash on Tout.tv and also Pillow Talk season 1 on Crave.