Montréal Guardian Winter 2023 Spotify Playlist

Every Friday we publish our “Five Minutes With” music series which showcases local bands and musicians through a questionnaire and samples of the artist’s music to help introduce our readers to some of the incredible local talent we have in Montréal and beyond. This year, we will be creating a seasonal Spotify playlist with songs from the musical acts featured during that season. This will allow us to feature artists beyond the single post on each.

Spotify Playlist

The playlists feature one song from each of the musicians we featured that season in a Spotify playlist that is then shared with our readers via this website and our Spotify page. If you can follow these artists and share their music, I am sure they would appreciate it.

For our Winter 2023 playlist, we have 13 songs to share from artists featured from January to March 2023.



Winter 2023 Musicians Featured

Juvenile Jury – (Read Article)

Veranda – (Read Article)

Pascale LeBlanc – (Read Article)

Dalas – (Read Article)

Jonathan Roy – (Read Article)

Summersett – (Read Article)

Ancient Teeth – (Read Article)

Vanessa Marcoux – (Read Article)

Jean-Michel Pilc – (Read Article)

The Rodeo – (Read Article)

Mirror Mirror – (Read Article)

É.T.É – (Read article)

Tebey – (Read article)